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My session are very relaxed, I use natural lighting at the location of your choice. I do not do a whole lot of posed pictures, this to me is not real life. I like storybook moments that capture moments in time that are fun and exciting.

Remember I always offer my referal plan and it is simple, send me 4 new customers and after the fourth one has paid I will give u a free sitting or you can always get a free 8x10 for each new customer.

My Seating Fees are $75.00, (I do charge $10.00 more for each person if over 4 people, this includes an hour session, editing and online digital photos. I will travel up to 25 miles from Senoia for this price. You can purchase a cd with all of your pics on it for $50.00, with a $100.00 purchase in pictures (sitting fee not included with total of price)

My package deals are simple, I use a unit system, please see below:
(prices subject to change at anytime)

3-4x6's = 1 unit
4-wallets= 2 unit
2-5x7's = 2 unit
2-8x10 = 4 units
1-11x14 = 5 units
1-16x20 = 6 units
1-20x30 = 8 units

Prices start at $50.00 for 3 units add $10.00 for every unit after that!

I also sell calendars, mugs, books, posters, frames, stand outs,canvas pics, ties, glass keychains, pillows, blankets, bags, wallets, & jewlery all with the picture of your choice on it and much more. Please ask for more details and prices on these items!

I also do photo parties email me for more info! Thanks for visiting my site, You can contact me at, (please put about pics in subject box) or visit me on facebook Treasured Memories By Tiffany .

Pictures are memories that last a lifetime let me take snap shots of your memories!

Treasured Memories By Tiffany where memories matter!

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